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Millipede Neuenkirchen

Day care center "Tausendfüßler

The integrative daycare center Tausendfüßler includes the following groups:

  • two crèche groups
  • three integrative groups
  • one forest group
  • two cooperative after-school groups

Our day care center

The Tausendfüßler daycare center is an integrative/inclusive facility for children between the ages of one and ten.

In our daycare center, we work in fixed home groups. Our group doors are usually open and visits by the children to the other groups are possible by prior arrangement and are encouraged by us. After lunch, inter-group activities often take place in the exercise hall, the group rooms and on the outdoor playground.

Our kindergarten groups

Our three kindergarten groups work integratively/inclusively, i.e. we support and care for 18 children in each group, including up to four children with special needs recognized by the district of Heidekreis. You can find more information under the point integration/inclusion in our concept.

Our crèche groups

Our two crèche groups are attached to the kindergarten groups in an annex. In each group, 15 children aged one to three years are cared for by three pedagogical specialists.

Our after school groups

Adjacent to our property is the GOBS (primary and secondary school) Neuenkirchen. For school childcare after classes, we use two group units equipped for this purpose. Here we care for up to 40 children by 4 pedagogical specialists. During homework time, additional specialists are employed.

During the school vacations, there is the possibility of taking advantage of a vacation group that requires registration. The care times for this group will be communicated in writing.

The forest group "Meerkats

Our independent forest group also starts from the daycare center.

Daycare is the first stage of our educational system.


Our work is based on the

"Lower Saxony Orientation Plan for Education and Upbringing".


Our pedagogical offer includes:

  • Integration of children with special needs
  • language support integrated into everyday life
  • Movement offers in the gymnasiums, in the hall area, in nature and in the group rooms (since 2007 the Kita is a recognized movement Kita)
  • Offers in the musical-creative area (since 2005 the day care center has the Felix seal of approval of the German Choir Association)
  • Cooperation with the Heidekreis Music School and Musikgarten
  • Preparation for school/participation in the Bridge Year project
  • Promotion of emotional and social competence
  • Development of cognitive skills and the joy of learning
  • Promotion of basic mathematical and scientific understanding
  • Health Education
  • Relaxation exercises
  • aesthetic education
  • Offers in the creative area
  • Forest projects with age-appropriate environmental education
  • Project work
  • group overlapping offers
  • animal assisted pedagogy with Frieda
  • theme-based parents' evenings
  • Development documentation
  • Cooperation with the various institutions for the promotion of children and families
  • Advice on offers around child and family by the KiTa management
  • Lunch
  • Daycare
  • After-school care


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Concept KITA Tausendfüßler

Care hours millipede

Half day 8:00 - 13:00 or 15:00

Full day 8:00 - 17:00

each with lunch

optional early duty from 7:30

Concept day nursery

Care hours in the crèche area

        Optional early service from 7:30 a.m.

8:00 till 13:00

8:00 till 15:00

each with lunch

Concept after school care

Care hours after school care

12:40 till 16:00/17:00

each with lunch

Contact after school care